Monday, October 21, 2013

Natural treatment for skin irritations

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 Walnut leaves rheumatism
Did you know that in well-dosed quantities of walnut leaves have a calming effect on the skin ? The general or local baths decoction of walnut leaves . For local baths put 30-40 g chopped leaves in a liter of water and 200 g of chopped leaves to 4 liters of water for general bathrooms . Bathroom will last 10-15 minutes and the skin will not be deleted or rubbed . This remedy is good for rheumatism . If you want to give your hair a darker shade then use walnut leaves . But be carefully used but in high concentrations can irritate the skin.

Irritation and burns will heal very quickly if you apply some honey on the affected area several times a day or propolis tincture . Do not be afraid of burning or if proplis tincture , propolis contains substances as analgesic and sedative effects appear immediately.

For liver spots on the skin and get rid of freckles use slices of fresh cucumber juice or fresh cucumber compresses . Cucumber can be used as a mask for cleaning and reviving the skin .

For burns, frostbite , skin cracks , sores , ringworm , edema of the eyelids shave raw potato and apply on the affected area , mixed with a teaspoon of honey or olive oil , leaving at least two hours to act . You can also use flour and potatoes, excellent for calming flegmoanelor , erysipelas , varicose ulcers , rash . Also with potato flour and treating sweating of the feet. Sunburn can be applied thinly sliced ​​potatoes for a few minutes . The warts , place raw potato , grated , 2 times per day.

For dehydrated skin or dull olive oil is used as compresses applied . For wrinkled and dry skin will make a mask out of a raw egg well beaten and mixed with a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of olive oil , plus and little fruit or vegetable juice , meaning lemon, watermelon , carrots or cucumbers . The mask is applied to the skin for 15-20 minutes, then rinse well with warm water. Treatment is repeated three times a week.

If you want to have strong nails , keep them a few minutes in hot oil .

Compresses or creams with olive oil moisturizes and softens the thick layer of skin on the heels . Olive oil can be used instead of creams , after bath .

Drink 100 ml per day of fresh watercress juice because it is a good tonic , a cell regenerator that restores suppleness of skin and hair. The scalp is rubbed with a mixture of watercress juice and alcohol of 90 degrees, in equal parts . Used as poultices , cress promotes and accelerates ulcer healing , healing abscesses and anthrax .

For beautiful skin without acne and eczema should drink a glass of barley juice for several weeks , and to get rid of freckles or compresses applied to the plant crushed barley juice .

Place fresh parsley leaf poultices , crushed , where inflammation of the eyes . Parsley leaves have anti-infective effects , anti-inflammatory and regenerative

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