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Natural treatment for skin irritations

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 Walnut leaves rheumatism
Did you know that in well-dosed quantities of walnut leaves have a calming effect on the skin ? The general or local baths decoction of walnut leaves . For local baths put 30-40 g chopped leaves in a liter of water and 200 g of chopped leaves to 4 liters of water for general bathrooms . Bathroom will last 10-15 minutes and the skin will not be deleted or rubbed . This remedy is good for rheumatism . If you want to give your hair a darker shade then use walnut leaves . But be carefully used but in high concentrations can irritate the skin.

Irritation and burns will heal very quickly if you apply some honey on the affected area several times a day or propolis tincture . Do not be afraid of burning or if proplis tincture , propolis contains substances as analgesic and sedative effects appear immediately.

For liver spots on the skin and get rid of freckles use slices of fresh cucumber juice or fresh cucumber compresses . Cucumber can be used as a mask for cleaning and reviving the skin .

For burns, frostbite , skin cracks , sores , ringworm , edema of the eyelids shave raw potato and apply on the affected area , mixed with a teaspoon of honey or olive oil , leaving at least two hours to act . You can also use flour and potatoes, excellent for calming flegmoanelor , erysipelas , varicose ulcers , rash . Also with potato flour and treating sweating of the feet. Sunburn can be applied thinly sliced ​​potatoes for a few minutes . The warts , place raw potato , grated , 2 times per day.

For dehydrated skin or dull olive oil is used as compresses applied . For wrinkled and dry skin will make a mask out of a raw egg well beaten and mixed with a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of olive oil , plus and little fruit or vegetable juice , meaning lemon, watermelon , carrots or cucumbers . The mask is applied to the skin for 15-20 minutes, then rinse well with warm water. Treatment is repeated three times a week.

If you want to have strong nails , keep them a few minutes in hot oil .

Compresses or creams with olive oil moisturizes and softens the thick layer of skin on the heels . Olive oil can be used instead of creams , after bath .

Drink 100 ml per day of fresh watercress juice because it is a good tonic , a cell regenerator that restores suppleness of skin and hair. The scalp is rubbed with a mixture of watercress juice and alcohol of 90 degrees, in equal parts . Used as poultices , cress promotes and accelerates ulcer healing , healing abscesses and anthrax .

For beautiful skin without acne and eczema should drink a glass of barley juice for several weeks , and to get rid of freckles or compresses applied to the plant crushed barley juice .

Place fresh parsley leaf poultices , crushed , where inflammation of the eyes . Parsley leaves have anti-infective effects , anti-inflammatory and regenerative

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how to lighten skin naturally

Though intended for all women, cosmetics also have their pitfalls. USES inappropriate cause unpleasant effects, so keep in mind the following tips before you use them.

Myth: Water hydrates the skin

Apparently looks easy but actually water contains a large amount of salt leads to a different result, which makes the skin dry. The best method of skin hydration is folisirea a thermal water spray. Thermal water contains minerals and elements that are beneficial to your skin, it soothes hiudrateaza and preventing dry skin sensation that keeps you.

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 It is very easy to use, spray water on your face and allow to dry. You can remove the excess by dabbing with a napkin.

Myth: The products used by your girlfriends are good for you
Basically you can use them only if you are suitable to your skin type. Inappropriate use of cosmetics is the most common mistake that women make.

According to studies, 64% of women do not know exactly what type of skin they have, and 37% of teenagers do not use cosmetics that suit them. For example, if your skin feels dry and you feel like you get during the day, it means you have dry skin, if you are prone to irritation and burns, it means you have a sensitive skin, if your skin is oily and greasy, especially on the forehead, tas and chin, it means you have a mixed or oily complexion.

Myth: You think you moisturize your skin by using Vitamin E directly from the bottle

It is true that vitamin E has excellent nutritional proprieteti but applied directly in the vial may cause serious irritation and small black spots on the face. Use only vitamin E added to lotions, creams and other cosmetics or one that is administered in oral form. This vitamin helps skin look younger, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, reduces the risk of burns caused by the sun and decreases the production of cancer cells in the skin.

The concentration of vitamin E administered directly from the vial should not exceed 5%, otherwise you will have side effects and great inconvenience.

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 Myth: Essential oils are not good for oily skin

Total wrong. Only mineral oils clog pores and irritate the skin. Almost 78% of cosmetics contain essential oils that have different areas of action, some hydrates the skin, others nourish and make her look younger and cleaner. Jojoba oil, olive oil and aloe vera are recommended for women with mixed or oily complexion.

Myth: natural scrub particles is better than that with cosmetics

The truth is exactly the opposite. Synthetic particles were processed so as not to affect your skin. Use sea salt only in the knees, heels and elbows, do not exfoliate skin and neck with it.

Before any packaging is a sea salt exfoliation to allow active ingredients to penetrate the skin better. If you want your skin to look young and smooth always, we must ensure that exfoliation treatment to follow it regularly (at least once per week).

 By removing the dead cells from the surface of your skin will be soft to the touch and firmer appearance. Opt for products that are based exfoliating ingredients such as oatmeal, ground almonds, olive pits or sea salt. Precisely because of this coarse texture and ingredients, your skin will benefit from a gentle exfoliation.

A little trick: you can prepare only a scrub by mixing sea salt, olive oil and lemon juice, or coffee grounds with olive oil or coffee grounds with honey, or brown sugar with honey.

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Once prepared skin go to product selection for body wraps by problems that require treatment. "In addition to anti-aging effects, toning, moisturizing wraps are anti-stress solution that provides complete relaxation," said Ofelia Maier, spa therapist at The Spa at the new center Hilton Sibiu.

The only contraindications are for people who suffer from rosacea, skin lesions or have extremely sensitive skin and irritating, spa therapist warns that ensure that pregnant women until the sixth month can turn to this treat. However, after this period it is advisable to take only the doctor.

Green Coffee Cellulite effect

Body wraps on green coffee are recognized for their property to fight cellulite. "These toning body wraps, stimulates its ability to burn fat, accelerate metabolism and eliminate excess retained water," says Ofelia Maier spa therapist.

Pure 100% Micronized Green Coffee, naturally rich in chlorogenic acid, polysaccharides, proteins and essential oils has the ability to smooth the skin and improve its overall texture, visibly reducing the appearance patchy areas of cellulite.

According to experts, this treatment is recommended in sessions 10 sessions of half an hour, two per week, but will not work if it is combined with an effective massage and fitness. Also, do not forget the importance it holds a healthy and balanced diet, low calorie, only good fats and fewer refined sweets. Plus liquids, especially bottled water that must be consumed in large quantities up to 2 liters daily.

Marine mud reduces muscle pain

Hot packaging, applicable throughout the body, rich in natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes, has the effect of relaxation and decrease muscle pain, stimulate blood circulation and removing stress. It is a suitable treatment for those suffering from rheumatism and pain caused by arthritis.
Spa therapist recommend this treatment once a week for therapy to relieve pain and reduce muscle tension.

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Seaweed stimulates metabolism

A wonderful seaweed therapy that detoxifies and dehydrated skin remineralizes overworked. The body is completely covered with warm micronized seaweed mask to eliminate stress and toxins. You'll feel rejuvenated, hydrated and relaxed. Spa therapist recommend this treatment once a week for a fast metabolism and nourish the skin.

Exotic fruits have anti-aging effects

Passion fruit, mango, papaya and pineapple nourish and repair the skin, fighting against premature aging. Also, this therapy is effective "to counter the damage caused by the sun on our skin. Enriched with natural oils, calcium, vitamin A and anti-aging ingredients: smooth skin collagen polypeptides and polypeptides of elastin that skin tones" add Ofelia Maier, spa therapist.

Clay volcanic remove skin impurities

It is known from ancient times as a source for skin cleansing with a role in ensuring and maintaining the optimal level of hydration. "Warm clay is applied liberally throughout the body, stimulating the release of impurities, deep moisturizing and nourishing mineral absorption," explains spa therapist.

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 For hydration and skin tone are recommended and wraps those rose petals or lavender and honey. For the summer, refreshing effect, refreshing and relaxing you can get if you opt for chocolate and mint body wraps.

After body wraps, spa therapist will recommend not to wash your whole body (except only areas that require daily hygiene) in the next two days for active substances used toothpaste continue to work. Also, for a guaranteed effect is recommended to consume plenty of water before and after body wraps payment and avoid coffee, drinks carbogazoaze, sugar, fats, fried foods and alcohol in the next 48 hours.

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